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Designed to perform to an exceptional standard under the most strenuous conditions, you can put your trust in our range to deliver amazing sound quality in any situation. Come rain or shine, world-class sound and supreme comfort are guaranteed.

Combat the elements

Frequent gym-goer or enthusiastic cycler, thanks to the high IP waterproof rating found on all our sports headphones, you'll never need to fear damage from sweat or a sudden downpour again. Resilient and secure, you can be confident that your favourite playlist won't be disrupted - helping you to focus on being the best you can be instead.

什么是 IP 防护等级?

IP 代表“异物防护”,用于衡量设备对固体和液体侵入的保护程度。第一位数字表示外壳对固体的防护等级,第二位数字表示对各种形式湿气的防护等级。

什么是 IP 防护等级?



Jabra Elite 25e 悦行+ Jabra Elite 45e 悦逸 Jabra Elite 65e 臻沁



Jabra Elite 65t 臻律 Jabra Elite 75t



Jabra Elite Active 65t 臻律动感版



Jabra Elite Sport 臻跃 Jabra Elite Active 45e 悦搏

A battery that won't let you down

The entire Jabra sports headphones range is wireless too, so whether you opt for the Elite Sport or the Sport Coach, you'll be able to jump, lunge, squat or lift anywhere, anytime. Freedom from wires doesn't mean you'll have to stop your workout to power up either, thanks to the long-lasting battery life built into each model you can expect to receive hours upon hours of playback with just one charge

Check compatibility first

Other advanced features have been added to various Jabra sports headphones to help keep you on top form. From built-in step counts, automatic rep counts and heart rate monitors to specialised VO2 Max training, race time predictors and recovery advisors, our headphones do much more than just send music to your ears. Training to compete, working towards a specific fitness goal or practice sports as a profession? Our headphones are designed to keep up, and offer the very best technology to assist anyone who's serious about fitness.

You can even plan your workouts, track the route of your previous run and enjoy in-ear coaching when you unlock the free Jabra Sport Life app.

Discover the collection of Jabra sports headphones, and experience unforgettable sound-quality today.